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For car enthusiast by car enthusiast

We can help you with everything that involves finding and importing your next car from Europe.

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About Us

Finding Cars is a young company that was founded by Santiago Garcia Rosa, a car enthusiast that has been working as a car advisor for many years.
He started very early in life when he was 17, and today, at 29 after years of experience, is the trusted broker for American dealers and collectors in Europe.
We advise, search, inspect and arrange all the details for clients that want to import their dream car from Europe to the USA.
We navigate the complex European market and, after finding the car that fits your demands, we inspect it thoroughly. We also offer consulting services for people interested in investing in the car market.

And finally, we deal with every step in the process:

The hunt

The inspection

The deal

The shipping

Once we know what to look for, the prosses of Finding Cars begins.



The Advice

Sometimes it is not easy to know which car to buy. Specially when it comes to rare sports cars. There are so many variants, limited editions or even optionals that make one car more desirable than another. It is very easy to end up in a situation of overpay or buyers remorse. We have the knowledge to avoid that and can swerve through an ocean of options and variants to find the right car. Finding Cars will match your desires with our knowledge and through a very personalized process, we will find the car you want. Then, the hunt begins.

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The Hunt

Some cars are like exotic animals. Not only for their beauty and wilderness but for their rarity. Consider yourself lucky when a rare species crosses your path. The same goes for some cars. They do not see the light of day often, and when day do they are hard to catch. That is why the hunt is the hardest part of the job. But also the most rewarding one.

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The Inspection

We found the car. Ok, so what’s next? We will generate data. Information. So detailed and specific that you will know exactly what you are buying. After inspecting the car fully, we will send you a Pre Purchase Inspection, Paint meter readings, Cars History, +150 Pictures, Videos, and all the documents that come with the car. We don’t only make sure that the car is right; we also check the documents and the cars background.

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The Deal

Once we know that the car is the perfect candidate, we will continue to formalize the deal. We take care of everything. negotiating, dealing with paperwork, getting everything ready for shipment, and finally, organizing the shipment and delivery. Weather you want a door-to-door service or a FOB service. By the end of this process, your car will be on its way home.

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We are here to answer any question you may have.
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